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This site is for all members of the Kumbanad Family. All those who can trace their ancestry to Easow Panicker, the founding father of the family are entitled to enroll in it.
The Kumbanad Family consists of 8 generations. Up to the fifth generation, most of the members lived at Kumbanad. The 6th generation mostly grew up there. Therefore, they had the opportunity to know each other and trace their lineage. With the 7th generation, however, the fulcrum shifted out of Kumbanad into the Diaspora outside Kerala.
This generation does not know much about their heritage, nor do they know each other. A recent visit to North America convinced me that they value their roots and would like to keep in touch. This prompted me to establish this site.
The objective is to provide a forum for interaction among members with a common ancestry. The advantage of the internet is that it can create a virtual community for purely voluntary interaction. There is no parental compulsion.
The heart of this site is the Family Tree, which is envisaged to grow dynamically. A skeleton is provided as a starting point. This extends up to the fifth generation.
Those who wish to enroll are requested to fill up a proforma, which is available online [click enroll]. Please fill it up and submit it, so that your name can go directly to the right spot.
Members are encouraged to interact with each other. You can use the search facility to locate a particular family member or to find a group to be part of. We hope to provide news, particularly about births, marriages and deaths. You can also browse through a brief history of the family.
This site is dedicated to you.

Dr. C.K. Mathews, 6th generation

Thyparampil Family

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